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Lake City Air Does Home Automation

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Automation HomeLake City Air is an expert in design, installation, and personalized programming of home automation systems for Las Vegas, Henderson, and Boulder City, NV. We can provide comprehensive automated control of any of your home appliances, lighting, climate and shade control, and more! You won’t have to settle for sub par service with our courteous and experienced professionals. We can tackle any residential or even commercial contract, regardless of the challenges involved – we’re experienced and equipped to handle any job.

We can personalize your home automation, specifically tailored for your individual home and needs. We are always around to provide technical assistance and repairs in any of our home automation installations, guaranteed. At Lake City Air, we are so much more than air conditioning systems – we can bring you into the future. Imagine setting your appliances, your home entertainment, your water features, all from your smartphone from anywhere in the world. This isn’t just a dream anymore, Lake City Air can help make this a reality.

Our Current Offers

In addition to these offers, we always provide free estimates for our services.

Let Us Set Up Your Automated Lighting

MobileLighting is one of the fastest growing areas in the field of home automation. You can save energy and money with an automated lighting system that will ensure your ability to turn off lights at a moments notice via your smartphone. The convenience and prestige that comes with home automated lighting can not be beat. Lighting control also benefits your home security. You will never walk into a dark house. You will wonder how you ever lived without it.

We Specialize in Automated Climate and Shade Control

RoomautomationAutomated climate and shade control is our specialty. We have extensive experience in designing, installing, and programming automated climate controls and shade controls. Imagine having all your home appliance, your lighting, and your climate controls all at the touch of your smartphone. Imagine setting the temperature for your roasting or chilly home a half hour before you got home, so that you wouldn’t walk into scalding or freezing home or office.

In addition to automated climate control, you can also save power with automated shade control that can raise shades early on so as to gain heat through windows in your home or office in cold winter months or close shades as the sun protrudes in the summer heat. Not only can you raise your shades at the push of a button, but you can set it to a precise schedule. Say goodbye to reaching on ladders, and automate your shades today.


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